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How Do We Find Each Other And Feel?

March 27, 2017 by Giulietta Nardone
“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”   

~ James Thurber, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Okay, I finally watched the “new” Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, recommended by a good friend three years ago. .

I loved it! From the soundtrack to the story to the acting to the scenery and most importantly, to the message — it all spoke to me.

Walter works at Life Magazine, where there is the coolest quote in the lobby.

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

And it flashes up many times. At first, I had to rewind a few times to read it over and over. (The glory of the rewind button of second chances.)

I love all of the quote. Today, I decided to zoom into the later part, “to find each  other and to feel.”

People seem to be afraid to feel today. I remember when Princess Diana died in 1997  and everyone was crying all over the world, mainly people who had never met her — I immediately thought — it is a chance to feel something, to openly weep — things we are not encouraged to do.

In all my writing classes in person, there has always been one person who sheds a tear or even students who will not read because they fear shedding a tear. I always say the same thing, “It is okay to cry, it means something needs to come out through a tear.”

It took me quite a bit of therapy to be true to my own feelings enough to release them. I remember going to basketball games in college where my boyfriend was on the team and not being able to even cheer for him, I was so held in check by my self.

Fortunately, I worked that out or god knows where I would be now. I used to go to my therapy appointments and within 15 minutes I would be unable to stop crying. Appointment after appointment, my bottled up feelings washing my face clean. And for me that was the point of the therapy, although I didn’t quite know it at the time — to allow myself to feel openly and without embarrassment. Sometimes, we don’t know the point of something until years later.

Related to that is a topic I wrote about in an application in early 2016 for a program. I stated that I thought loneliness was one of our greatest problems, one that few talk about. Interestingly enough, I read an article last week in The Boston Globe Magazine that reported how lonely middle age men are because they don’t see their friends much anymore due to overscheduling of family things. Apparently, men don’t want to admit it because they feel like losers.

It seems that many of us, even those with families, might need to find each other and dare to feel. When we are young, we tend to surround ourselves with other young folks. Then we start to pair off, take on time-sucking jobs and those friendships get lost in the shuffle.

But it isn’t good for our health to feel lonely. Perhaps, as a gesture of kindness we could reach out to an old missed friend with a phone call and a real invitation for coffee with a real date written in our date books. (Not just saying, “oh, let’s get together.”)

Did anyone ever hear about the old Pewter Pot restaurants located throughout New England. You could go in and sit with people you didn’t know, which was kind of the whole point of the place. I visited a neat place in Prague where that, too, was the point of the beer hall and foodery, to deliberately go in there and sit with folks you did not know.

That we have so many lonely people in a world exploding with people suggests that we’ve forgotten how to reach out to people and be human. Are we that afraid of each other?

Muse Thanks,

PS, Maybe a multi-age painting program to meet new folks?

Make Tiny Little Paintings!
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Everyone loves making these tiny little paintings! I started painting tiny little paintings a year ago and found them tremendously liberating as an artist. I took more risks and it paid off. Golly, now I want to have a tiny little painting art show.

Kids of all ages also gravitate to the tiny little paintings. Recently, I did a program at a local library and the teens loved it. They created such gorgeous paintings. All were unique and spirited. You can seem some examples if you follow the link to my web site, although I forgot my good camera and was just learning on my new phone.

Time: 9:45 to noon pm
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Refuse To Live A Boring Life

February 26, 2017 by Giulietta Nardone
“Boredom is a pleasing antidote for fear.”  ~ Daphne du Maurier

A lot of American appear to be bored, especially in the work arena. Studies report that 70% of Americans are not engaged with their jobs. Just long, long days spent getting to 5 or 6. The lives most of us are encouraged to follow don’t have a lot of purpose or meaning. Buy that next “simon says to buy” thing. Get that next bigger thing. Shop for that even next bigger, bigger thing.

My twenties were filled with boredom. There I was young and attractive with the world at my youthful fingertips, yet everything bored me. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t know how to take a hobby and pursue it. Sure, I went to the gym to work out so I’d look good, but doing something because it felt good, because it made me want to get up in the morning. That didn’t exist.It wasn’t until I hit my mid-thirties and began taking acting classes and singing at karaoke clubs that I sparked back to life. Finally, I had a purpose!

Once I woke myself up to the glory of my own life, things picked up. I went back to painting and writing. I got involved in my community. I stood up for defenseless things. But for a while before that happened, I was worried about my self. Every day was a chore, a trudge to a stupid job, a stupid date, a stupid club.

Thank God, I woke myself up. I saw an ad in a local paper, circled it and got right into my car and drove down to the theater where I volunteered for the stage crew.

Mel Robbins, the inspirational speaker who lives a few towns over, just wrote a new book called “The Five Second Rule.” She says if you take longer than 5 seconds to make a decision you probably will not do it.

For the most part it is true. (more…)

Ruby Slippers, Anyone?

February 15, 2017 by Giulietta Nardone

Hello there,

This is a post I wrote back in March 2008 when I was blogger for the month at Skirt! Magazine. That was near the beginning of the blogging craze.

Thought you might get something out of it!

Thanks, G.


Ruby Slippers, Anyone?

I enjoy writing essays because they force me to reveal my vulnerable side not only to the reader, but also to myself. Back in my late teens and twenties, I often felt trapped behind a locked emotional door. I’d bang, bang, bang on that little windowpane hoping somebody, anybody would unlock it, but no one ever did. Knuckles bruised and bleeding, I’d slump down against the door and wonder, “Is anyone ever going to rescue me?”

Many life experiences later, I discovered that the only person powerful enough to rescue me from behind that door was Giulietta. That I have always been the heroine of my own life.

And so have you.

You see, the “theys” don’t want us to know that each one of us has a pair of ruby slippers tucked away in a locked room. Special designer shoes capable of transforming our tentative womanistas into confident, powerful heroines who can leap tall solar-powered shopping carts in a single glass pump bound. The “theys” prefer we shuffle around with our heads down waiting to be rescued by a bouquet, a mate, a job title, a compliment, a new hair color. (more…)